A statement of purpose (SoP), also referred to as the letter of intent is basically your application to the admission committee of a school or college. When you apply for admission, your statement of purpose is the most important part of your application that decides mostly whether you are going to be approved or not. It contains your basic information including who you are and what are your past experiences. As the name itself shows, it is a personal statement from yourself to the committee about yourself and where do you plan to go from here onwards.

It is important to write your SoP in a certain manner. The strategies should be adopted wisely and recommendations should be considered critically. For example, if you are writing a statement of purpose to get admission in a law college, you must seek help from law professionals or Law Dissertation Help Online services. Because these people are aware of the culture and norms accepted in the field of law more than you. A number of Law Dissertation Help services are available on the internet to get your SoP written but you will need at least the basic knowledge of strategies to analyze the work you are provided by these firms. Otherwise, you might end up not getting admitted to the college you have been dreaming to study in. here we are going to discuss a few strategies you need to keep in mind while writing your application to the admission committee.

Strategies to Write Statement of Purpose:

Your SoP is the only part of your application packet you have full control over. Try to make it persuasive by following the strategies described below:

Clear Expression of Goals and Interests:

While writing a statement of purpose, clearly articulate your goals and interests and specifically let them know why you are undertaking the program and what you desire to accomplish with it. Discuss the specific parts of your area of study which you are interested in and explain the parts of the professional field in which you hope to gain knowledge through this program. Be as specific as you can. Don’t bother describing the particular areas, you will not be confined to those fields only, throughout your tenure in the college. And your statement of purpose will not be pulled out every time you are going to propose a dissertation topic. They know that interests change and you are allowed to change your topics within the same field.

Use all the phenomena and tools related to your interests and discuss them to explain what exactly excites you. If there are ambiguities in your expression, or you simply say that the whole subject interests you, you might be rejected on the basis of being unfocused or non-serious.

Evidence of Past Experience and Success:

A great deal of the acceptance of your admission application depends on your past experience. This needs to be kept in your mind while writing your statement of purpose. The committee members want students for their colleagues who are best qualified for the programs they are offering.

You need to show clearly the programs you have already completed and the diplomas or courses along with all other accomplishments you have achieved in the past. You need to provide the committee with evidence of how you are able to pursue the particular course you are applying for. Discuss your undergraduate studies, your projects, thesis papers or the mentors you have worked with. By providing enough information about your successful past, you are able to persuade them about your qualifications and skill level.

Write Stories:

If given a choice, would you like to read a newspaper or a novel? I would definitely go with the novel. Because it is a story. While newspapers give you only news, a novel tells you a fascinating story. You can enjoy a novel more than a newspaper, despite all the eye-catching headlines and hot issues. Stories connect to us emotionally and we can think about the events more closely by imagining ourselves in the place of narrator. Our minds remember stories for a longer time than mere statements.

When you describe your reasons for being interested in a particular field, think about your past. Why you feel attracted to this field. What past events lead you towards this specific discipline?

When you think hard enough, you will definitely come up with a reason. Transform it into a narrative. Produce a strong and appealing story about what made you take this program. You should not lie and create fictional stories as it won’t be touching enough to impress the committee. Don’t try to be over smart. But if you want your purpose statement to be remembered by the admission committee even after reading hundreds of them, write it in narrative style rather than plainly stating the facts and figures like a robot.

Strong Writing:

When you apply for college, writing is a skill that will surely help you score better than others. Your medium of interacting with the admission committee is writing and you can only impress them with your writing style. Strong writing with impeccable grammar will help you stand out among the other candidates of equal qualifications.

Especially, when you apply for a humanities group, subjects like literature, philosophy or politics, etc. require good writing skills. Through your statement of purpose, you can demonstrate that you can write clear and effective pieces of literature. Admission committees in social science subjects are more focused on the writing of a candidate but even in STEM programs, writing communication skills are imperative in your academic career.

Let them Know why you fit in?

Another essential ingredient of your statement of purpose is to let the committee members know why you fit in with the program. Make it clear enough why your interests make you a good candidate to be chosen and how the program fits specifically with your work.

The admission committee wants to select the candidates who are not just passionate about their field but genuinely enthusiastic about the specific program. When you describe your match with the program, it shows how thoughtfully you have chosen this particular field of interest. Explain if the department has a certain history related to your interests or culture or perhaps its methodology that you prefer over others. Think about the curriculum of their program and relate it with your own interests.

The SoP is your chance to talk directly to the admission committee. Most of the students put a lot of effort into their test preparation and the SoP is ignored. They try to write it at the last minute and struggle to produce an application that could impress the committee otherwise. They try to think about the instances from their lives that could present them as unique and remarkable people but the time is not enough. If you are one of those people, you are throwing away your chance of directly communicating with the people who are responsible for your acceptance or rejection.

Writing a reasonable and impressive statement of purpose is not an undoable task. It only requires some time and careful handling of strategies. If done right, you can be admitted to the college you have ever dreamt of learning in.

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